KVM over IP


DSE gives you ultimate control over your dedicated server. KVM (or Keyboard Video Mouse) switches are not new technology, datacenters large and small have been using these devices for well over a decade to provide local console access to sometimes hundreds or thousands of servers in a single deployment

DSE offers you FREE KVM Over IP on all our server offerings. This tool gives you total control over your dedicated server. KVM Over IP is a must for any server administrator as it provides great flexibility and usability on the server.

What is KVM over IP?
KVM Over IP (Keyboard, Video and Mouse Over IP) gives you the ability to remotely access your server as if you were right in front of your system. You get 100% control over your system even if your server’s internet connection is not working. This enables you to remote reboot your server, get direct console access, re-install your operating system or install a brand new one, access your bios, watch your server boot-up and much more.

KVM over IP Featureseatures:

  • Remotely power on, off or reboot your server
  • Direct console (keyboard, video and mouse) remote access
  • Access your server’s bios settings
  • Monitor your server as it boots up into the operating system
  • Drive redirection (redirect your own computer’s CD-ROM, floppy to your server
  • Share and redirect a CD-ROM, floppy or simple operating system image with the server
  • Re-install your operating system or install a brand new one on your server
  • Total access to your server even if your server’s internet connection is not working
  • Monitor your server’s system health and sensors
When you need it?
With the KVM over IP Address, you can reinstall your own operating system. For example, you can create your own partition, install the package that you want on the operating system. It also allows you to have virtual drive on your server. Therefore, you can just insert the CD-ROM into your computer and your CD-ROM will appear on our dedicated server. You may also need it in case the firewall blocks your server and your access into the server is restricted. Through the KVM you can login to your server and disable the firewall. Experience any SSH or remote attack? With KVM you do not need to worry that you can ssh into the server. KVM can help you login into the server when your remote port is under attack.