Why choose Dedicated Server Enterprise?

24/7 customer services
Dedicated Server Enterprise employees take pride at offering some of the best services 24 hours a day, customer-oriented support in the industry. We have 24/7 live-chat sales person to assist you on any inquiry about our latest products. We also provide direct phone calls to our technical assistants. This is to ensure that you will get immediate support 24/7. We do our best to solve your problems with the fastest response time to ensure reduction of downtime issues. We are proud to make our customers satisfied.
Easy to manage – Say *NO* to Data Center Operators
Most of the providers from ASIA are still practicing hand reboot on the server. Worry that your server may be down for too long? Tried to call up the data center operators for rebooting but nobody answers your call? Worry that your firewall may block your server and you need to wait for the hosting provider to send their engineers to the data center to rectify the issue? Worry that the providers will claim that you used excessive bandwidth and cap your bandwidth with absurd reasons? Worry that your server may be down and you are unaware of it? Why worry and worry? With our services, we can guarantee you that you will have Zero worries on all these common issues. We are proud to say our services will exceed your expectations.
Remote web reboot
NO call reboot anymore (traditional methods), now you can reboot your servers from our web management without calling our engineers. We know the importance of the server uptime as we will minimize the downtime to ensure your business runs smooth and steady.
Blocked from firewall? SSH attack? Server overloading? hdd failure need fsck for linux server? Need to wait for the data center engineers to check the problem? We say NO to data center operators.
Cacti MRTG Bandwidth Monitoring
Unsure of how much bandwidth you are using? From our bandwidth monitoring services, you are now able to know the amount of bandwidth you are using per day.
Port Monitoring
Worry if your server is down and you are unaware of it? To ensure that you are not the last person to know when your server is down, our port monitoring services will inform you the very first time it detects any inaccessible ports from your servers. With this, you could rectify the issue on the very early stage without further damages.
Lighting Speed connectivity with Premium Data Center
Our data center is located at Netmyne, Brickfields, Malaysia.Netmyne Data Centers provide the most conducive physical environment necessary to keep the servers up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These world-class facilities are custom designed with raised floors, temperature control systems with separate cooling zones, split unit air-conds, centralized UPS, generator set and server racks.
ALL Branded New Hardware with Fast Setup time
We guarantee that you will be using a 100% Branded new server. This is to ensure that you do not get second hand hardware and to decrease downtime issues due to hardware breakdown. In our Service Level Agreement, if any of the hardware breaks down, we would give 1 month services FREE to our customers. In case of any hardware breakdown, our engineers will replace the hardware within 5 minutes to 1 hour
Lowest price with TOP Services
We guarantee you the lowest prices with top quality services from our company. Low prices does not mean it comes with low and bad services. Our company ensures good quality services and affordable prices to all clients of our dedicated servers from the ASIA connection.
Latest Hardware with best performance
Dedicated Server Enterprise always provides the latest hardware in the market. Why should you acquire old technology when you are paying the same value to other providers? We are no longer using processors like Celeron and Pentium. For example, why should you pay USD99 for Dual core E6300 2.80Ghz when you are entitled to a better choice here with E6500 3.06Ghz? Not only do we provide better processors, we also provide faster and better ram and hard-disk. All ram we provide are using PC800 and all the hard-disk come with 7200RPM 32MB SATA2. We make sure you obtain the latest technology to run your business.